Team Nate

Greatness Lies Within Each of Us.

Whew!  What a weekend!   Sunday, May 18th, was the Marine Corps Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA.   We had a team of approximately 40 runners split between running the half marathon, the 10K, and 5K distances!   I will say, it’s always so inspiring to watch runners tackling fears, reaching new goals, and smiling with pride knowing their training has paid off.   There is a sense of pride written on each runner’s face, no matter their distance completed, as they cross the finish line.

Experience It.

This year our shirts read, “Greatness lies within each of us.”   I couldn’t help but think of how perfect that is in so many ways.  Greatness does lie within each of us in many different ways.  But Sunday, that greatness that helped push each runner through their personal goal was experienced within themselves as each runner made a choice to Go Out and Be Great in their own way.

Show It To Others.

Part of why we organize the team runs is to bring awareness to our foundation, remember Nate, and spend time with some really amazing family, friends, even friends of friends, and people we’ve never met as we cheer each other on during a mentally and physically challenging experience that they were inspired to run in honor of Nate. On Sunday afternoon, I received the following message:

“I wanted to share a story from my race today. For some reason, every step was a mental battle for me and about mile 6,  I was honestly just ready to stop and go drink some coffee!  I was praying, asking God to give me strength and excitement to keep going, when a guy ran up behind me and kind of whispered in my ear.  He said “Who was Nathan Chris Baker?”.   As I briefly told him, I found new strength and knew I needed to run for Nate.  Even though I got injured shortly after, I felt at peace to keep pushing through and finish!”  Dana Mills, Team Nate Runner

What amazes me each time we are at a team race is that among 8,000 plus runners is that 40 Team Nate shirts are noticed.    I have to admit that when I am asked the question, as Dana was, it takes my breath away.  I wear my shirt to bring awareness to our foundation and to show my love for Nate but when asked about him I often find myself at a loss of words because sometimes speaking the words, “Nate was my son…  ” are just too hard to say.  I usually stumble my way through an answer about Nate and the foundation then turn away to take a deep breath.  Every event, every time I’m asked, every time I have the chance to share I remind myself that Nate’s life has a purpose still, a story to be shared, and the power to be big!  We want to keep sharing our little boy with the world and inspiring others to find that greatness that lies within them to Go Out and Be Great.

Our youngest Team Nate Runners making us so proud with their determination and love!

Thank you for everyone that came out to run for Team Nate on Sunday! We love each of you and all the support that you, your families, and your friends continue to give The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation! Keep running for Nate. Keep sharing his life and our story!

Go Out. Be Great.

Justin and Katie

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