Never Just a Picture

Earlier this year we were approached by Joey D Cares, another local non-profit, who was interested in partnering with Nathan Chris Baker Foundation for their annual Rockin’ The Cause event. We were excited about the opportunity, researched their organization, and crossed our fingers that we would be chosen!    We were honored when we were chosen as the charity of choice for their annual Rockin’ The Cause event and that all proceeds would be donated to The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation so we can continue to Go Out and Be Great in our community.   Planning began almost immediately and our team was ready to develop a GREAT partnership for this event!

A few weeks ago, Joey D, asked us how we would feel about putting together a slideshow to share pictures of Nate and our family during a song called, “My Daddy.”    My immediate reaction was absolutely!   Then, I thought about it, and realized just how hard that task would be.  But I’d already said yes so I couldn’t turn back.  I have to admit that I really have put off digging deep into files of pictures because I’ve known it would bring a flood of emotions.   I knew that the pain would be deep when I saw that thick hair, smiling face, funny memories, and remembered the story behind each picture.

There was one particular picture that as I scrolled through electronic albums that I just, for lack of better words, lost it.   My heart broke in two and tears hit the keyboard like rain drops falling from the sky.  In the same blink of an eye I was laughing hysterically and trying to figure out which emotion had a stronger hold on me.   This sweet boy, our middle child, had a spunk to him that everyone he met would notice.   He loved his family, he loved his friends, he loved life, he loved to play hard, he loved to be a leader, and he loved to be silly.    He was a one of a kind act that can’t be replaced.    When I saw this picture, my arms reached for him, literally.   My soul ached for him, to hear his laugh, and to feel his love.   Our night time routine often included dance parties, tickle fights, and hide and go seek as we made our way into bedrooms.   I longed to be sitting on his bedroom floor laughing with him and then tucking him into bed as we so often did.

But I believe, this slideshow, has a purpose far beyond what you will see at the concert.    It gave us a reason (and a deadline) to sort through all the pictures that we love, to find some of our favorites, to share.  Some pictures made me cry, many made my heart break, and some left me with overwhelming love pouring from my heart.  Every picture has a story hidden deep within. I am so thankful I have so many pictures to look through when I find the strength to do so.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words…  but to me they are priceless.

Tonight, as I sat at a full rehearsal for the Rockin’ The Cause concert I was in awe at this team, the work they put in, their dedication, and what it takes to put this event together… and that with all of that they give every penny made to the charity of choice. I mean, wow, that’s what Go Out Be Great means to us too! We work day and night to give back in our community whether it be by donating to schools for playgrounds, Days of Greatness, care packages, or youth sports scholarships. This is going to be a great event… I don’t just think so but I know it will be!

Please join us in supporting Joey D Cares, our foundation, and our community by just purchasing your tickets and enjoying an afternoon with your family. This is not just a band concert. This is an orchestra team that rocks and sings everything from The Beatles to Taylor Swift. You will be dancing in your seat… or maybe in the aisle too!

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