More than A Day Of Greatness

I wondered if I should write something about my friend Harry who passed away this week but really didn’t know what to say. Harry and I only met 3 months ago and it’s hard to put into words what our relationship meant to me. Harry was The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation’s first ever Days of Greatness recipient. Harry enjoyed a great day out with his 3 boys. I received numerous email pictures about the day as well as numerous thanks for a fantastic experience.

A month later I met Harry. He had on his Go Out Be Great shirt, as did I. We talked for over an hour about his amazing wife and family. I have never known a person who spoke so passionately about his family. I told him that if my parents spoke 1/4 about me as much he spoke about his boys that I would be truly blessed.  I formed a special friendship with Harry that day and over the next few weeks we texted, emailed, and sent pictures through Facebook.  Harry loved to communicate!!!

I realized that Harry was not doing well and reached out to his son, Patrick. He kept me updated and I always hoped he would prove to be stronger than his disease.

Unfortunately Harry did not win that battle and I said good-bye to him a few days ago.  He left behind a great legacy, a wonderful wife, three amazing sons and their families, and fantastic memories that his son Brian so vividly shared with his eulogy. He lived life, stopping to talk to everyone, sharing a part of him with everyone he came in contact with.

Today here’s what I ask… take the time to say hello or smile at someone new.  Your smile or friendly greeting might be the only one they receive today. Do this for me but also for my friend, Harry, who brightened this world with his personality and smile. Because you see, Harry gave me the greatest gift, the gift of friendship.  I only knew you for a short time my friend but you taught me so much. Thank you for all your calls, texts, and messages. You are truly Great!!!


Colleen Gallagher

Read Brian’s beautiful Eulogy here.

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