Welcome to the Team!

Oh my goodness!  The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation is off to a great year!  It’s May… closing in on the first half of the year (wow, how does time pass so quickly?)!   We’ve been busy behind the scenes on some new ideas that we can not wait to share!  Literally, I am bursting at the seams to share everything with all of you that support us and follow our NCBF dreams!

I’m excited to jump right to sharing the first piece of news…. please stay tuned over the next few weeks because there is more to come!

So….  you know those really crazy dance offs at Fun Day?  The ones where the mascots from all the schools gather around and dance and we all cheer?    Well last year after fun day it dawned on us… we need our own mascot!    I mean, seriously, why didn’t we think of this sooner?   So the thought process began… what would our mascot be?    We pretty quickly decided on a dog.     I know you are probably thinking…. Nate must of loved dogs and that’s why we chose a dog.    If I’m being totally honest, Nate actually loved our dog but really wasn’t always crazy about other dogs!  He wasn’t scared or bothered by them, I just think to him they were in his way and he had bigger things on his agenda!

So, you all know we have this program called Days Of Greatness here at NCBF where we give a day of great fun to a family in need.  So, an inside confession has to be made in order for this to all make sense…   As a board and a Days Of Greatness team, we pretty quickly began to abbreviate Days Of Greatness down to D.O.G. when we were in discussions or emailing.   It became normal conversation to us even though someone else may not understand why we were going on and on and about “DOG days”. So, when we decided that NCBF needed a mascot… a DOG was an easy choice! Not only is it fun, friendly, but also a symbol of our Days Of Greatness program which we feel very passionate about.  After a search of mascots and price quotes we had finally picked one to order!  Within a few months we had our very own Dog Mascot!   As soon as the mascot came in we knew he needed a cape.   Nightmare Graphics of Columbia generously helped us design a custom cape and donated their time and materials to the foundation!    We are so happy with the way our super hero dog has turned out!

Now the fun and we need YOUR help, every super hero mascot needs a really fun and cool name.   So we are reaching out to you to help!   We would love for your families (children included) to brainstorm some really fun names for our mascot and submit them to us by Friday, May 28th.   Our team will vote on every name submitted and choose a winner.  The winner will receive a prize pack from the NCB Team!  Please work with your family and children and help us name our new team member! Name entries can be submitted to or by commenting on this blog post or on our facebook page!

Please join us in welcoming …. “Our mascot with out a name” to the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation Team!  Of course, his first stop had to be at the Mechanicsville Playground!


This week we snuck over with our mascot to the Mechanicsville Elementary School playground where the entire Nathan Chris Baker Foundation story truly began. We thought we’d sneak in to capture a few pics of the mascot playing and no one would see us! Little did we know we’d be busted by the Girls On The Run! It made our day to see how happy they were, to even see one young lady wearing a Go Out Be Great shirt, and see them giggling and excited to meet our “Super Dog” (that needs a really cool name) and were happy to pose for a picture! Thank you girls for making us smile!

Go Out. Be Great. Good luck coming up with names! Please submit your name ideas to or by commenting here on our blog or on our facebook page! Also please share this post with your friends to help name him too!!!

Your NCB Team

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