Field Of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come.” NCBF wants to build it and we hope that youth from around the area can enjoy it for years to come. NCBF recently met with the Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks to discuss a future project that we can be involved with. Our meeting with the director of Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks went well and our board has voted to approve a partnership that will allow NCBF to fully fund a future baseball field in the Winfield area of Carroll County. This project will encompass a youth baseball field and possibly a soccer field. The park will be located on a piece of land owned by Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks and maintained by the Winfield Recreation Council. NCBF will fully fund the park/field at a cost estimated to be at about $30,000.

NCBF has been involved in some great projects since 2012 – all of which we are extremely proud of and excited to see used by so many young kids. In 2014 – we talked about wanting to branch out from playgrounds and have a location that we could help build from the ground up. We contacted the Department of Parks and Recreation and were thrilled to learn that they had a location that they were wanting to develop – they just needed some help in funding it.

Needless to say – we are so thrilled about this project! We want to build it. This is NCBF’s field of dreams!

Join us in making this field of dreams come true. Please consider making a donation today or come out to one of our events to support NCBF.




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