About Us

About NCBF

The purpose of The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation is to provide financial, physical, and emotional support to individuals, families, and communities in need. This support will focus on many areas, to include academic and athletic opportunities, that promote and develop the strength, confidence, and abilities needed to Go Out and Be Great.

Our vision is to empower communities with the strength, resources, and hope needed to Go Out and Be Great. The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation is committed to finding ways in which the cycle of sharing greatness with others can be perpetuated. Through a broad vision the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation can help many people through many different means.

Greatness is abundant and The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation has supported others in attaining it through a wide array of efforts.

  • Fundraising for the construction of projects (i.e. playgrounds and ball fields) both large and small that will promote and develop the strength and confidence to Go Out and Be Great.
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to excel in academic and athletic areas.
  • Distributing care packages for individuals and families experiencing emotional and physical hardships.
  • Organizing “Days of Greatness” that provide these families with time away from the hard realities of the situations that they face and give them the opportunity to create lasting memories with loved ones.

The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation is always looking for new ways to help community members be great. A strong partnership with the community assists us in identifying those persons needing help, in addition to identifying ways in which to make our vision a reality.

~ The NCB Team