About Us

Our Story

Nathan was our second child of three and the center of our family. He kept us grounded in humor and reminded us daily that life really didn’t need to be as serious as we made it.

The week prior to his death, Nathan began Kindergarten at Mechanicsville Elementary School here in Sykesville, MD. Before he began school, we attended a PTA meeting and were told that the two playgrounds at the school would need to be replaced. The PTA laid out a plan to raise the funds over the next several years.

Nathan loved playing outside and after he died we decided that we would ask for donations be made to the PTA in order to build playground in his memory. Nate’s story spread through the community and the light that he was to others shined bright. With the help of family, friends, and members of the community we assisted in raising $80,000 for the Mechanicsville Elementary Playground. That playground was built and dedicated to Nathan in 2013.

Nate’s personality was evident from the time he was born. We began calling him "Nate the Great". It was fitting for a small boy with a big personality. Since Nathan’s death we have been surrounded by family, friends, church, and a community that has supported and provided for us in our time of need. We knew that it was our responsibility to carry on Nathan’s memory and show others that GREATNESS still exists in this world.

Nathan’s death opened our eyes to the needs of the community and our goal to help build a playground grew to a desire to help others who are in need. The foundation has become our passion and a way of keeping Nathan's memory alive through helping others. We have since donated over $230,000 to various playgrounds and projects. In 2014, we launched our Days of Greatness program where we provide individuals and families with time away from the hard realities of the situations that they face and give them the opportunity to create lasting memories with loved ones.

The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation wants to "Do something that leaves a mark on someone else’s life". We want to spread Nathan’s greatness by inspiring people to Go Out and Be Great.

~ Justin and Katie