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Baseball Field (Field of Dreams)

The “Field of Dreams” is now more than just a dream with over 40,000 cubic yards of fill dirt brought to the site over the last 18 months. It has been a little over a year since we unveiled this big project, a baseball field across from the Winfield Elementary School in South Carroll County, and we wanted to give you an update on our progress.

We recently met with the Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks to discuss progress on the field and gain an understanding of when it will be finished. The county has been very busy working with construction crews in the area to have fill dirt moved from several different sites to this field to level out the rolling hills that existed prior to the start. In case you were wondering, a dump truck only holds 10 – 14 cubic yards of dirt so at 40,000 cubic yards that means over 2857 dump truck loads of dirt have been brought to the site in the last year. Believe it or not that’s not enough dirt to finish grading so they are still working on getting more dirt donated to fill in the back corner of the lot this winter.

Once the grading is complete (anticipated to be summer of 2017) they can move on to placing the top soil and then seeding. Once the seeding is done they will then be able to install the baseball equipment to include a back stop, dugout benches, bases, and a scoreboard which will all be funded by The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation. To date NCBF has not had to provide any funds for the dirt as it has all been donated by companies who work with the county.

The entire site will be called “Winfield Park” and will be made up of one multi-use field for soccer and then our NCBF baseball field. The baseball field will be a 90 foot diamond for kids aged 13 thru 19 to use in the Winfield Rec program. There are also discussions on installing shorter base paths to accommodate 60 and 70 foot bases for the younger age groups. The Winfield Rec program is very involved in supporting the field with both a monetary donation thus far and over 100 dump truck loads of fill dirt being placed at the field in the coming weeks. They have also had six dump truck loads of wood millings donated and placed in the parking lot to provide a parking area for the field.

While we had hoped to have the field completed in 2017, it looks like final completion and use will not happen until the spring of 2018. The good news is that the county has not had to use any NCBF money to fund the grading and they do not have plans to use any for top soil or seeding as that will be covered by donations from the Winfield Rec program and the county itself.

NCBF has been involved with many playgrounds over the past 5 years and we are so excited to have the opportunity to fund a baseball field in Nate’s name. Stay tuned for updates in 2017 on this awesome project and thank you all for your continued support of The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation.

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